Light in the Dark - Action and Resources for All

Many of us are wondering what happened in 2016 to permit the ancient strands of racism, mysogyny, wealthism and climate denial to bubble to the surface at this particular time.    This page is a humble attempt to gather links, information, directions, practices that certainly help me see the light and may also be of use to others.    This is a time of listening and practicing deeply, connecting to others, and seeing what are our assignments in the coming year.    Assuredly we will all have assignments if we care deeply for this planet and those that reside here. 


This page below will have sections on Dharma, Actions, Interesting political/environmental links and organizations and will be updated with anything of interest that I find or you send me.   If you need actual audio practices go to this link at    There are active and quieter practices to keep the heart and eye open and calm and breath flowing!   If you wish to hear from many of my yoga friends nationally and internationally regarding what brings light right now, go to this link.   My most recent newsletter post election 12/13/16 is here


Metta and Dharma Links

from   30 mins   Pascal Auclair - A young Quebecois meditation teacher who contributes regularly to the youth and LGBT retreats at Spirit Rock.  Recently I have been touched by metta guidance and meditation recordings that come from women teachers on the People of Color retreats at Spirit Rock.   Try these 2 and find more at 
Ruth King   25 mins     
Nikki Mirghafori   Dear Friend and Self Meditation 45mins - longer but worth it   Simple calming meditation to get you back in your body! 18mins   Tara Brach   Dharma Talk Tara Brach - Play a Greater Part Pt 2    Bodhisattva for our Times

From Abhayagiri  Ajahn Pasanno   Metta - A Mature Emotion  


Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images

Actions - Local, National, Global

Oil Development on Mendocino Coast  Protect this exquisite coastline - its slated for development unless Obama stops it.  And he can if we put pressure on him before he leaves.   Contact now

January 21  Women's March on Washington also in Oakland, San Fran, Sacramento, San Jose and many other places) Will you be there??   Info:  Washington March-Facebook Link: California Facebook Link:

Next SoBo Sangha, Boonville 12/16  4-4.40pm We begin a 30 minute sitting with a little stretching - Beginners in meditation come at 3.40pm. Followed by check-in about what is inspiring you/challenging you post election right now 5pm community happenings or dharma focus.  No fees involved.  Just show up and watch this page for updates for future dates.  


Political and Environmental People and Groups to watch and support:

James Fallon spent 3 years going to out of the way places across the continent and has some interesting things to say about priorities of middle America.    Robert Reich, Prof at Cal, talked at Commonwealth Club prior to election.   Much of what he said makes more sense now about how we see how Trump-ism trumped.   Interesting but not soothing piece by Owen Jones on Hate and Empathy as witnessed in recent refugee crisis

ORGANISATIONS:   Let us support...  
INFO: Those that give us alternative and bigger vista information (local) (bay area and national)   Any of Rebecca Solnit's and Naomi Klein's work.  
Our Indigenous Elders and the young vibrant activists arising now in the environmental arena
The usual and ,  ACLU ...but we need to press them to move forward - $ is one thing, interest and engagement another.

More soon......with your input!