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Light in the Dark - National and International Yogis talk of what inspires at this challenging time
December 2016

MP - December Mailing Article

Sacred Practice
December 2014

Heebie Jeebies of Teaching
November 2009

Hamstrung! Unraveling the Back Thigh Muscles
January 2005, Yoga For Everybody

Let's Twist Again: Finding the Natural Spiral
April 2005, Yoga For Everybody

Bobbling the Head: Balancing the Head on the Spine
Yoga for Everybody, July 2005

Breathing Into the Feet
April 2004, Yoga For Everybody

Befriending the Belly
August 2004, Yoga For Everybody

Haciendo Amistad con el Vientre
Mira los fotos en "Befriending the Belly"

Respirando por los Pies*
Mira los fotos en "Breathing into the Feet"