Panca Bhuta Yoga
with Richard Rosen and Mary Paffard

Panca Bhuta Yoga   250 hour Teacher Training and Yoga Immersion 2018

Panca Bhuta refers to the 5 Elements, the essential elements of life!   This program uses the elements as a framework for a rich and sustaining program for those who wish to teach, to review their teaching, or to simply delve deeper into their own practice and the yoga story, using teaching as a metaphor for practice.  
PBY is a special opportunity to study with Richard Rosen and Mary Paffard.  These 2 teachers have collaborated on trainings and yoga programs for over 2 decades and look forward to bringing a lively sangha of yoga practitioners together to evolve their own practice, share this practice with others and explore the art and science of yoga in a 21st century context. 

Fall 2020 PBY returns! TBC!!

Mary and Richard invite you to consider this 250-hour training based on yoga’s five traditional elements. Each will serve as a month-long focus, each contributing an essential quality to your practice on and off the mat: EARTH for stability, WATER for fluidity, FIRE for enthusiasm, AIR for lightness, and ETHER for spaciousness. Between them, Mary and Richard have more than 60 years of teaching experience. This course can be taken to deepen your understanding of yoga.  It will also give you the essential ingredients to be able to teach basic classes and graduates are eligible to apply for the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher certification at the 200 hour level.   Experienced teachers may consider this course as a way of reviewing and revitalizing their teaching and their practice.      

The course includes two 4 day Intensives, and 7 weekends between Early September 2020 - March 2021. The core curriculum will be taught between these dates.   Requirements, which include assisting and observing and mentorship program, can be completed between 1/31 and 3/29/21.  There will be a final weekend at the beginning of March, 2021.

Listen to this short 12 minute chat from 2018 between Richard and Mary about the 2018 program for those who are curious about joining us in 2020.  Contact Richard - - or Mary, if your curiosity is peeked.  




Teacher Education and Future Training/Un-Training options!

Yoga for All is an official Yoga Alliance School at the 200 hour, 300 hour Advanced level and as a Further Education Provider for certified teachers.  Currently, in Cuba and for Cubans only, we are running a 675 hour program, eligible for 200 hour and 300 hour RYT status on completion. 


Advanced Training / Modules for Advanced Practitioners

Are you a teacher or practitioner who is seeking sangha and support for a practice that resonates with the inner body, supports one’s authentic voice, and both respects and questions yoga and meditation traditions...? A practice that has meditation resonating throughout? A kind of un-training!    


Mary: “ As I age and see what is occurring in yoga in the west, I find myself more and more convinced that we need opportunities as serious practitioners and teachers, to drop into deeper practice with like-minded and curious folks. As yoga becomes more and more mainstream, there are many who do not find the kind of sangha that supports an internal unfolding and a compassionate exploration of the more profound aspects of breath, subtle body explorations, sound, imagery and meditation. As I age, I also realise that I may be marginally wiser (ask my family!) but I also am running out of time and am moving more and more into elder-hood with less inclination to be part of a commercialized, corporate based system that has a narrow perspective on yoga practice. At the same time, I still do need to work and be out in the world, creating some small offering. It appeals to me before I retire from such things to offer 4 separate weeks of 45-50 hours of yoga during 2020, ideally attended by the same people and leading if required to an advanced 300 hour certification (for those with complementary 200 hour certification). The majority of the contact hours would be primarily with myself and some visiting teachers, for short parts of the intensives.”

The proposed themes would be as follows:
- January 2021 - Meditation as Asana. Asana as Meditation. Meditation as a Way of Life. A week of exploring the Buddhist practice through asana. Participants would be required to have attended a 5-10 day silent meditation retreat in vipassna or zen traditions.
- April 2021 - Belly, Belly, Belly - Working from the interior body and inviting muses from the pioneers of mind body continuum.
- Solstice June 2020 - Retreat in Mendo County - Nature as Path.
- August 2021 - Soulful Practice - Using image, sound, cakra to enrich practice and teaching
- December 2021 - Final Week Intensive - Sangha and the Heart of Practice and Teaching. Bodhisattva Yogis!

“How wonderful to work together for a week…beginning the day with a long sit and breath-work, discussing relevant themes of life and practice as we digest breakfast, before moving into a long active asana practice. Our afternoons would explore the background to each weekly theme inviting investigation into our daily practice and teaching, and supporting our deeper unfolding and voice. We would end the days returning to the subtle practices of sound, meditation and restoratives leaving touched by the power of practice and community and ready for our informal gatherings and dreamworld.”