Yoga Buddhism Ecology is a program with an online section made available to those doing the YBE program of monthly workshops in Boonville, CA January thru April, 2019. For more information about this program, please see this YBE page.

For many of us the online educational opportunities and sanghas have helped support our practice and teaching wherever we live and whatever type of schedule we have.   Please also see private sessions for those who want to work one to one and not in a group.  

Upside Down Inside Out Online Program -  Want to explore inversions and your whole practice with an online sangha and support material?  This course has been conducted in Oakland and in Boonville,  California 2017-2018.   If you are interested in an online forum for this fascinating and under-explored area of yoga practice and teaching, contact Mary directly.

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OMGoddess! Bowl of Well Being 2020 an online program for women to cultivate health, creativity and sanity is returning in 2019. See full Bowl Page for details and register by 11/1/19!


VIDEO PROGRAM FOR WOMEN: This year I am delighted to announce the Yoga for Women online program is now ready for those of you who would like to revisit your practice from the feminine perspective and also to explore issues of womens health and cycles in terms of a peaceful and powerful practice for these challenging times we live in.  There are video sections, audio practices, bountiful material to support your yoga path that has been brought together from over 3 decades of working with women in all types of situations.  Each section of this program refers to teachers that have been inspirations for me and have much to say to the modern yogini right now.  This program is produced by the team at Yoga Naada in Montreal, an extraordinarily vital yoga studio with a full complement of educational online material.  This course on its own has proved helpful and supportive to women who are seeking a more feminine approach to practice and teaching, and encouragement to listen deeply within.
For more info re Yoga for Women video program alone, go to this link